Safe Style SFL100 Floating Lanyards

Size: OSFA
Sale price$6.99


Tired of your sunglasses playing hide and seek? Well, prepare for a solution that's about to put your shades in their place – and by place, we mean comfortably nestled around your neck.

Introducing Safestyle’s Floating Lanyard – the accessory that ensures your shades stay put while giving you that "I'm ready for adventure" vibe, especially when you're off on water escapades. Crafted from a magical blend of elastic nylon, it's like a gentle hug for your glasses, and there's even a floaty surprise at the back, just in case they decide to test their sea legs.

Disclaimer: SafeStyle isn't a psychic – if you misuse these Lanyards, well, we can't take the blame for it. And, while they might be the talk of the eyewear town, remember to flaunt them only in safe zones. And yes, if you're eyeing your boss's eyebrows raise, consult your friendly Safety supervisor before donning the Lanyard.


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