Uniform Ordering Portal

Welcome to the all-new Uniform Ordering Portal designed exclusively for businesses on the Sunshine Coast with over 5 staff members!

We are thrilled to introduce a game-changing platform that will revolutionise the way you manage uniform orders within your organisation.

Best thing of all, it's free to ALL Sunshine Coast businesses for a limited time so sign up now!

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  • Managers & Employees can access the system and order only what's allowed
  • Managers can order for employees or branch locations
  • Employees only see products available to them
  • Businesses can set allocations for employees based on price or units
  • Order in seconds using the step by step interface
  • Add multiple delivery locations and purchase order details

Our cutting-edge portal comes equipped with a wide range of features tailored to meet the unique needs of managers and employees alike. One of the key highlights is the ability to control and customise access for different individuals within your organisation. Managers and employees can now order uniforms with ease, while only being able to view and select from the products that you specifically allow.  

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We understand that every business has its own unique product range, and that's why our Uniform Ordering Portal is designed to seamlessly align with your specific offerings. You will only see products that fall within your established product range, ensuring a streamlined and efficient ordering process.

Allocating resources and setting limits is a breeze with our intuitive platform. Whether you prefer to allocate budgets based on price or units, you have the flexibility to tailor the allocation process to suit your organization's requirements. This ensures that uniform orders remain within the predefined boundaries, promoting better cost management and resource allocation.

In addition, our Uniform Ordering Portal allows you to add multiple delivery locations, making it easier than ever to manage uniform orders across various branches or departments within your organization. You can also include purchase order details, ensuring seamless integration with your existing procurement processes.We understand that usability and simplicity are paramount when it comes to adopting new systems. That's why we have invested considerable effort in creating an incredibly user-friendly interface that is both easy to use and intuitive. Say goodbye to complicated ordering systems and embrace a streamlined experience that saves you time and effort.To celebrate the launch of our Uniform Ordering Portal on the Sunshine Coast, we are offering FREE access to all businesses for a limited time. Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to revolutionise the way you manage uniform orders, and experience the unparalleled convenience and efficiency that our platform has to offer.Join us today and discover how the Uniform Ordering Portal can transform the way you manage uniform orders within your Sunshine Coast business.

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