Safe Style CRMBRP100 Cruisers Matte Black Frame Mirror Red Polarised Safety Glasses

Size: OSFA
Colour: Black
Sale price$69.99


Prepare for Mind-Explosion with The Mirrors! They're not just Shades; They're a Galactic Experience

The Mirrors have landed, and they're not just a fashion facelift – they're like a psychedelic journey for your eyes. Think of them as your own personal kaleidoscope, but with a red mirrored twist that's so intense it might outshine the sun itself. Yep, these shades are more than just a stylish add-on; they're the kind of must-have that makes you say, "Move over, reality!"

Ready to Dive into Darkness? Embrace the Matte Black Frames They're Like Secret Agents for Your Eyes

Time to embrace your inner rogue and don the Matte Black Frames – they're like the James Bond of eyewear. And it's not just their dapper all-black look that sets them apart. Nope, it's the super-secret side shield that's so dark, even mystery novels ask for pointers. This is the kind of eyewear that puts the "cool" in "UV-blocking tool," and it's a certified fan favorite. If style and safety were a dynamic duo, these frames would be their origin story.

Now, Meet The Cruisers – The Round-Shaped Heroes of Retro Vibes Because Swapping Glasses is for Amateurs

Introducing The Cruisers – those circular lenses that time-traveled from a disco-era dance-off. They're not just eyewear; they're like your personal stylists for the work-play tango. And let's set the record straight – while they might have that "casually cool" look, their safety game is stronger than a sumo wrestler on a sugar rush. The Cruisers are your ticket to rocking the workplace runway without compromising on the AS/NZS 1337.1 safety standards. It's like having your cake and eating it too – but with added safety sprinkles!

  • Stylish Protective Eyewear
  • Australian, New Zealand & Usa!
  • AS/NZS 1337.1:2010
  • ANSI Z87.1+
  • Sai Global Lic:smk40913
  • High Quality Polycarbonate Frames & Lenses
  • 100% Tax Deductible
  • UV400 99.95% Uv Protection
  • Casual Design
  • Comfortable
  • Unisex

Note: SafeStyle side shields are safety compliant and if you try to remove them they will not be compliant with AS/NZS 1337.1


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