Safe Style SHCP100 Hard Cases Pink

Size: OSFA
Colour: Pink
Sale price$9.99


Behold the ultimate toolbelt sidekick!

Introducing Safestyle Hard Case – the bouncer of eyewear protection. Made from a nylon blend that's tougher than a cranky kangaroo, these cases are like a personal bodyguard for your glasses, minus the sunglasses and secret agent attitude. With a convenient clip and a zipper that's basically a "No Entry" sign for dust, these cases make sure your pairs stay snug and cozy while you embark on your eyewear adventures.

Imagine your glasses wearing superhero capes inside these cases – it's like a fashion fortress for your frames. And yes, we're not inviting the Blockers to this party because, well, they have their own exclusive club for cool kids. So, whether you're scaling rooftops or just want to keep your glasses from partying with dust bunnies, the Safestyle Hard Case is your ticket to eyewear awesomeness.


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