Squincher Sqweeze Pops Mixed Flavour 10PK

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Sqwincher’s scientific developed formulation is absorbed significantly faster than water alone into the body, allowing the body to replenish the electrolytes & minerals needed for effective re-hydration. Sqwincher is always a favorite! 

  • 10 Sqweeze Ice Pops in mixed flavours of Orange, Mixed Berry, Lemon Lime, Cherry, Grape 
  • Low sodium & Caffeine-free
  • Perfect fix for hot days, simply put some in the freezer for workers experiencing dehydration & heat stress
  • Cools the core body temperature fast
  • Battles the effects of industrial heat stress and worker fatigue
  • Low sodium, higher potassium and a package to fit most industrial environments
  • Freeze and eat
  • Frozen format helps cool down core body temperature fast
  • Great for industrial or any strenuous activity and perfect for the first aid rooms


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